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If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, our Ft.Wayne and Carmel based ENT specialists at the Indiana Sinus Centers offer fast relief in just 20 minutes. Find out below if balloon sinuplasty or other non-invasive treatments can clear your sinuses.

Simple, Speedy, Effective Sinus Treatment Options

The Indiana Sinus Centers offers advanced treatments to relieve chronic sinusitis, recurring sinus infections, nasal congestion, and ear pressure.

Balloon Sinuplasty
(20-minute procedure)

Tired of constant sinus problems? Balloon sinuplasty is a gentle procedure that offers a lasting treatment solution for chronic sinusitis.

(15-minute procedure)

Struggling with nasal congestion?
VivAer—RhinAer reshapes nasal passages for easier breathing, all in a quick, in-office visit.

Eustachian Tube Dilation
(15-minute procedure)

Ears blocked or crackling?
Eustachian Tube Dilation can help. This simple procedure unblocks your ears, easing pressure and discomfort.

Meet Dr. Brad Bichey, Founder of Indiana Sinus Centers

Dr. Bichey established Indiana Sinus Centres with one goal in mind: improve your chronic sinusitis symptoms and how they affect your quality of life. We want to get you back to feeling normal as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Over the last 15 years, we have been offering the latest advancements in medical therapy to patients from around the state. Dr. Bichey is an expert in balloon sinuplasty, having performed one of the first cases ever in Indiana over 15 years ago. We also offer advanced, non-invasive treatment of nasal airway obstruction and nasal congestion using gentle radio frequency technology. These procedures offer short, 10-minute office treatments to improve nasal breathing and drainage. VivAer and RhiAer may be a great option if you suffer from nasal congestion and constant drainage.

Breathe Easier, Feel Better
Here's What You Can Expect

If chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, and ear pressure control your life, the Indiana Sinus Centers can help. Our advanced, in-office procedures offer fast, effective solutions:

Like you, we understand how frustrating sinus and ear issues can be. The Indiana Sinus Centers team offers personalized chronic sinusitis treatment options so you can enjoy clear breathing, restful nights, and a better quality of life.

Get in touch with Dr. Bichey and our team of ENT specialists in Ft.Wayne and Carmel IN today.

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Offering In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty and Non-Invasive Nasal Airway Procedures including VivAer and RhinAer Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor (ENT) Innovative minimally invasive treatments for acute, chronic, and severe sinusitis

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